Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lofty Ideas

It is fast approaching that time of the year where a large number of mediocre people make lofty goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. I am one of the mediocre people who find lofty goals worthwhile and usually, completely unattainable.

So, why after so many failures do I still find these impressive ideas so appealing? I am not too proud to say that the loftiest New Years goal that I have ever achieved was not eating McDonald's during 2006. So proud, in fact, that it has a permanent spot on the sidebar of this blog.

Here are a few of my ideas. As always, weight loss is numero uno.
1. Lose weight. I won't bore you with the specifics of this goal. Just trying to live a long and healthy life.
2. Learn to sew. I want to make cute aprons and capes for kindergarten. I want to sew valances for my sun room.
3. Learn to swim. I am still embarrassed about the fact that I am in my thirties and still cannot swim. I doubt that I will do this.
4. Read 52 books. Yep, a book a week.
5. Stop reading celebrity gossip websites. God. I am confessing tonight.
6. Not eat McDonald's in 2008. Totally do-able.
7. Eat fish once a week. I hear that could be good for me.
8. Run a 5K. This is the long shot, people. Kind of like biking across Iowa. I need to find someone who is interested in this. The whole running thing is hard. I have to add more and more because I want to lay on the sidewalk for two years after I run for a minute.

Any other ideas?


Carm said...

You can totally learn to swim. My friend Ang didn't know how and I have never felt very secure in my swimming abilities so we took a class at the Y. It was awesome and empowering. Ang was actually daring to DIVE the very first day. We had kind and understanding teachers and though neither or us are ready to save any lives, we might be able to save our own! Go for it.

Political Muse said...


I never learned to swim either! "The Sisters" really neglected us didn't they?