Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fight for Penn

Hillary Rodham Clinton stopped by Haverford College today. Hey, why not! Michelle Obama stopped by the other day too. I guess my place of work is the place to be for the fight for Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see her speak because it was a closed gathering for mothers and daughters. Oh, well. I am holding out for Barack to make a visit. It would also be fantastic if Bill Clinton would visit Haverford College.

I feel the pressure of time since the Pennsylvania primary is less than a week away. There is a part of me that thinks Hillary can beat McCain. There is a part of me that thinks Obama cannot. I worry about him in Florida. However, I am thankful that it doesn't all fall on my shoulders, but it is such an important election that it feels very big. Also, I feel like I am hurting Hillary's feelings if I vote for Obama. I feel like I might be hurting Obama's feelings if I vote for Hillary. See...I have turned this whole campaign into a junior high lunch hour where I can't decide where to sit.

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