Saturday, April 05, 2008


I opened the windows in my house today. The fresh, spring air is enough to make that moment happy, but it also reminded me about how much I love my house. Windows on all sides that allow a cross breeze and the sounds of spring to filter into each room.

I bought fresh blackberries today. I didn't know that this little pint of blackberries would give me a gratitude moment, but it did. I was standing in my kitchen, all by myself. No music. No lights on. I was standing in front of my kitchen window cleaning my fruit purchases of the day when I popped a dark purple berry in my mouth. It reminded me how much I love fresh fruit. Simple.

I cleaned out two flower beds today. I pulled the old hosta stems and leaves from the fall. A task that should have been completed many months ago. I raked old leaves. Another task long past due. As I pulled away the decaying plant life, little sprouts of new hostas were poking through the mulch! It made my mind start to plan, scheme, and decide on how I will compliment these favorite plants this spring.

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