Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's Play Hardball

Before I write another word, let me say...I think John McCain is an American hero. I respect him and I respect his stance on clean and honest campaigns. I think he is a man of character.

I attended the Hardball College Tour with Chris Matthews at Villanova University today. John McCain was Chris Matthews' guest. It was interesting to see how the show was produced and exciting to be a part of this democratic system. However, I was disappointed that John McCain did not spend any time talking about his domestic policies, especially the economy. He talked a little about over-spending and pork barrel projects, but not about the $100 a barrel for oil or the mortgage crisis or health care or that a dozen eggs are now almost $4!

Lots and lots of Iraq (and let's not forget Iran).

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ellie said...

I think McCain is a good candidate for the Republicans. I agree with you - he should be running a more well rounded campaign. We hear enough about the war, but what about the rest of the issues?