Sunday, April 13, 2008

How I Spent My Weekend

There are weekends when it flies by and I can't think of a single useful way that I spent my time. However, this is not one of those weekends.

Friday night was spent doing one of my favorite things. We stayed in and watched There Will Be Blood. This was a movie that I have been wanting to see since it first came out, yet I never got to the theater to see it. I thought it was very good. The music throughout the film made me want to jump out of my seat. I kept waiting for something horrible to happen. Of course, Daniel Day Lewis was amazing, but it was Paul Dano who impressed me the most. With his calm yet creepy revivalist preacher character, he made the movie all the more interesting for me.

I have taken to my yard like my life depends on it. I want to grow grass in shady areas and I will. Besides my quest for grass, we mowed and cleaned up a number of flower beds. The hyacinths are blooming along with my daffodils. Sadly, I decapitated my first tulip of the year in a weed-wacking frenzy. I hope that is not a sign of things to come this gardening season. This is not an actual photo of my hyacinths, but let's pretend it is.

I joined my co-worker Allison and her husband at a local pub called TJ's Everyday. They call themselves a 'drinkery' and for good reason. They have over 200 beers from which to choose! I enjoyed a pilsner from a local brewery named Victory.

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