Friday, April 04, 2008

Five Year Olds Would Love to Vote

The circle time turned political at kindergarten today. Just like the rest of this country, the five year olds are divided between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It all started out so simple...

We decided that we would work towards a dessert party if we are respectful and quiet during Quiet Time. If we reach our goal, we will then have a vote on what dessert it will be!

Then, one of my more passionate students volunteered, "Well, I am voting for Hillary Rod Ham Clinton." Yes, the 'Rod and the Ham' were separated like they were individual words. In the eyes of some students, this could not go without an endorsement for Barack Obama so they threw their support behind Obama.

During this time, I could not get the conversation to come back to what I wanted to talk about. Democracy in action with me trying to push it down. No one said anything about John McCain, but he is a non-issue here in Pennsylvania. All eyes on Barack and Hillary. So, when all was said and done and the children who wanted to say something spoke, Barack was the winner.

Again, I was not encouraging this conversation. I just wanted to talk about Quiet Time, but the people must be heard.


Political Muse said...

Darned you liberal teachers poisoning the minds of our youth with your propaganda! :)

Dana B. said...

That's cute, you can tell we're a school with liberal parents. You'll have to tell me who said what!

Carm said...

Good Lord! Kindergarten, even. Wow.