Sunday, May 18, 2008

Midwestern Endorsement: The Schmitter

I like any town that takes its sandwiches as seriously as I do. Last night, I went to a Phillies game. I've had many delicious ball park and stadium foods, but I experienced a new high (maybe low?) at Citizens Bank Park last night.

May I present to you The Schmitter.

I assume it was named after the beloved Phillies' favorite Mike Schmitt and served at McNally's Tavern and the ball park. I love any sandwich that is worthy of a diagram.

I might not have ever known about The Schmitter if it were not for my brother-in-law who was visiting. He enjoyed a Scmitter at a game earlier in the week and tipped us off that this might be something I would enjoy.

No matter what names the Phillies fans used on the Blue Jay fans, no matter how mercilessly they booed the former Phillie players that dared to show their face again wearing a Blue Jay jersey, the Philadelphia establishment knows how to make delicious and heart-pounding food.

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