Sunday, May 11, 2008

Much Music

Driving to pick up my friend from the airport, I was listening to Iris the ipod. She was playing a song by Joni Mitchell and it occurred to me what I believe to be my perfect job. I would like my job to be centered around listening to music, going to concerts, and talking about music. Now, that sounds like a radio DJ, right. Well, I think that ship has sailed.

I can still do those three things but it will have to be on a volunteer status. My volunteer prospects are good though because I already have two music events on the calendar. Later this month, I will be going to see the Kate Walsh who has a knack for my favorite kind of music, folky and wordy.

In June, I will take two full days and dedicate them to hanging out and listening to tunes at the XPoNential Music Festival sponsored by my favorite radio station, WXPN.

Having little things planned is one of my strategies for having a fantastic summer. I don't know why I worry about this. I can't remember the last summer that wasn't great and memorable. I always worry that I won't make the most of my time and the lovely time of the year that is summer. I will be teaching summer school for five weeks, Monday through Thursday until noon. This leaves me with the afternoons to have my way with this city. Also, on Fridays, I plan on taking advantage of as many Free at Noon concerts as I can at WXPN.

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Mrs. T said...

Wed. evenings at 10:30 pm (which I know is kind of late for us teachers), there is a new broadcast on WXPN- the Daytrotter sessions. These are some friends of mine who are from Iowa- even though the studio is in Rock Island, IL. It's a cool project and you can download songs to your ipod for free on their site.
Give it a listen.