Monday, May 12, 2008

Rain (Boo)

I don't know why today is an exception, but I am so bothered by the rain today.

Normally, I look at it with a "what can I do about it" attitude. Today, I look at it with a "I want to squeeze my face in" attitude. Maybe it was because Friday was rainy and today was rainy and that equals two rainy days of kindergarten in a row, but I am on the verge of some rainy day induced shopping. On days like these, I feel the need to shop for shoes, books, or music. I can easily not buy a new book since I just started a new one, but the shoes and music are a harder ledge to step away from.

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Momma2B said...

Random but true: on the tour of our former fair city for my husband, we drove past your parent's house. Blast from the past. :-) Hope the weather is looking brighter for ya!