Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

It has taken some getting used to our normal lives back in Philly. We both jumped into our work routines because school looms on the horizon for us. I probably write this every year, but I just love the first weeks of school.

Don't get me wrong. I like my job all year long, but the buzz and flutter of the weeks before the children come are filled with preparation and organization. Creating a warm and welcoming environment where we can all be together for 180 days. I have my rituals each year. I may not always do them in the same order, but they must be done.

Organize the cubby room.
This year, it was a mess. So, with the help of some to-go boxes from a friend who enjoys Chinese take out and some labels, it is a cubby room that even the most finicky person could tolerate. Because that is the kindergartners' space, it gets trashed pretty regularly, but I am hoping that a little preparation before their arrival will help.

Trip to the Teacher Store
I like to buy the same things each year. New library pockets for a cute check in poster. New stickers for rewards. Mr. Sketch-it smelly markers for poster making. However, this year, I could not resist some jumbo foam dice. Part of being a kindergarten teacher is keeping things novel and new. The dice will help with that.
Bulletin Boards
I do not do elaborate bulletin boards because I like to use them for the children's work. I do replace the faded paper with new paper. Now, they are empty waiting for five year old creations.

I am rereading The First Six Weeks of School, but I have a few other books that I am interested in for the fall. I hope to get through one more before the big day.

I have a very long to-do list, but I have three weeks to do it.


rachelzana said...

Mmmmmnnn! I'm not even teaching at school anymore, but I STILL love the first few weeks of school! There is such promise in the gleaming floors, the snap and crackle of new learning activities in those first few weeks. LOVE it. And I love getting ready to teach private lessons in the fall too. I find myself reading professional journals and articles and books, and deciding which things world be good to incorporate and what elements of music I want to strengthen in my teaching process. Happy school preparation!

Carm said...

Three more weeks, eh? I'm so jealous. I begin work TOMORROW. School with students starts on Wednesday. I'm not ready even though I've definitely logged the hours in the past 10 days.

ellie said...

It is so neat to think about the impression you have on children as their first teacher. What a wonderful job!

Mathman said...

Oh how I miss the first couple weeks of school. It's almost enough (although I must emphasize the word "almost") to get me to return to teaching.