Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can't Get Enough

I am on Day Three of my complete addiction to the Democratic National Convention.

And I am so emotional. The little videos about Teddy Kennedy, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton has brought more than one tear to my eye.

Today, when Barack Obama was the first African-American nominated by the Democratic party, I was close to overwhelmed along with those delegates who were so besides themselves.

Last night, Hillary was amazing. She is amazing. It didn't surprise me when she reminded all of us why we are fighting the good fight to bring change to the White House and to our country. I am looking so forward to the message that Bill Clinton will bring tonight. And...I hope Biden will bring the heat to Bush, Cheney, and McCain.

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Kim Carney said...

ME TOO! and i had a tear or three run down my cheek, in pride tha tour country has come so far! and hope we continue to move in a positive direction.