Friday, August 29, 2008

Peach Time

Berry season is nearing a finish and peach season is here! There was no better way to spend an afternoon than peach picking with my good friend Amy who was visiting from Brooklyn. Not only did we get to pick our own locally grown peaches, but a hayride took us to our peach trees. Thank goodness, we had an old curmudgeon hayride driver too.

Now, I gave some peaches to Amy to take back to Brooklyn, but I am still left with a lot of peaches. We made a peach cobbler last night for dessert and a golden peach pie this afternoon. I am open to more peach ideas.

Amy indulged my new interest in food photography and took a few photos of the peach cobbler process.

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Julie Sparby said...

I made some peach freezer jam for the first time this year. It is on the sheet inside the surejell box. It is easy and can just be stored in your freezer. 1 batch made about 5-6 jelly jars. It is soooo good.