Thursday, December 16, 2004


My good friend is on bedrest. She is six months pregnant and cannot do anything but use the bathroom. Her blood pressure is an issue, along with her swelling.

I feel for her. Tonight, I brought her ginger ale and ice cream. We played Frogger and ate spaghetti together. We dished about work. We were also trying to brainstorm how she can be entertained for the next three months as she waits for her bundle of joy to appear. Some might think that bedrest would be excellent. You could rest, read, watch TV, just veg out. She is restless and needs some new entertainment. I offered her my seasons of The Sopranos. I have also recommended Six Feet Under.

Can you give me some ideas that I can suggest to her.


Matt said...

How about crocheting? Or other crafts that don't involve much physical activity. Reading is always good. Is she a computer person? Maybe move the computer so it is close enough to the bed so she can play various online games. Good wishes to your friend for an uneventful 3 months and a quick and safe delivery.

Eyes said...

How about writing a diary for her newborn -- recounting her thoughts, hopes and dreams for her child pre-birth. She could write her a child a note for each birthday that the little girl can open up with her mom as she grows -- and they can reflect upon the past. Just a thought.