Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sweet Baby James

"Sara, you listen to TOO much James Taylor to ever get angry."
-Annoying Boy in High School

It was a shock to my system to receive such a judgment from a boy my senior year! Could it be true? Could it be possible that a love for Sweet Baby James could have mellowed my feisty spirit to a point of disrepair? What about Paul Simon? Can Paul Simon affect my soul and sense of angst?

Whatever the answer was, I did not spend too much time thinking it over because I would never give up my love of the 70's songwriters. I have continued to feed my habit of part bluegrass, pinch of blues, and with a slice of pop thrown in for good measure. Tonight, I picked up my James Taylor Christmas CD from Hallmark. Every year, they offer a special where if you purchase three cards, you can buy a CD for $6.95. The CDs are usually artists of mediocre standing. I have purchased Amy Grant and Natalie Cole. So, you could imagine my pleasure when I was presented with my James Taylor CD. Ooooo...good listening tonight.

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Dan Carlson said...

No such thing as too much James Taylor.