Thursday, December 02, 2004


I think my new neighbors across the hall are smoking weed tonight. We have never had problems with smells coming into our apartment until tonight. And of course, it is weed. Since we are overly reasonable people, we do nothing about it the first time. But we have discussed it, and we will act if it happens again. (Good of us to be so strong, right? Putting our foot down and all.)

It is not that I am against weed. It is not that I don't want people to do what they want with their lives/brain cells/intelligence, but I just don't want smells in my apartment. Last year in our old apartment, we lived above a family who only cooked smelly garlic and vegetables. I wanted to die. It was as if garbage lived with us. We've had no problems until tonight. I want the smells to stop, please.

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Eyes said...

Apartment living can be hard. I remember once living in an apartment -- and hearing a horrible, horrible fight across the hall. It was so bad, we didn't dare interrupt it one way or another. We feared for our lives and just hoped for the best!! Luckily both people survived.