Monday, December 13, 2004

Boob Tube

Sometimes my husband will say after watching a television show, "I am now dumber for watching that."

Isn't that the truth?! Not that he is dumber, but that we can sometimes spend time watching television that has no intelligent or significant qualities. Don't get me wrong. I am guilty of this on a number of accounts. For example, tonight on Storm Stories on the Weather Channel, they documented the 1997 flood of Grand Forks, North Dakota. Um...I was there. Why did I have to watch it on television? I felt like I had wasted an entire hour, but by the time I had wasted it, it was gone. Gone forever. An hour that I will never get back.

My only consulation is that I spent about two and half hours watching PBS on Sunday about the Lewis and Clark expedition. I actually learned something during that television time.

My new fall resolution was to watch only one hour of television a day with the exception of news at 10 PM. Also, this rule does not apply to Sunday nights since I have far too many shows at the 8 PM time ranges from the absurd, Desparate Housewives to the smart, Significant Others on Bravo.

If you have never seen Significant Others, I recommend it. It is an improve comedy show about four couples in therapy. It is totally unscripted and I laugh out loud. This show also is special because it is one that Tim and I watch together. We only have a few of those now. I have sort of cut myself off of Law and Order because NBC has enabled my addiction to this genre of television. I can only thank my lucky stars that I did not fall into CBS's drug, CSI.

I am never embaressed by my television watching. I have come a long way since my years of watching Growing Pains and Doogie Howser. My mother always says that I was like a walking TV Guide in my early teens.
My Favorite Shows (in no particular order and some that are no long on the air, but I wish they were)
1. Significant Others-BravoTV
2. Pioneer Quest-PBS
3. Colonial Life-PBS
4. American Dreams-NBC
5. Scrubs-NBC
6. Desparate Housewives-ABC
7. Biggest Loser-NBC
8. Seinfeld
9. Family Guy
10. Six Feet Under-HBO
11. Sopranos-HBO


Eyes said...

Being that I am always out for the truth, you can guess I hate sitcoms unless they really mimick real life. Slap stick, over-dramatic -- I can't handle it.

My favorite shows:
48 hours
20/20, Primetime

I also love reality shows because the people are real:
Trading spouses
Wife Swap
Real World

And the only primetime show I can handle that is fiction is Everybody Loves Raymond -- but I only watch it when I turn on the TV and it is on. I don't plan for it.

Mathman said...

I watch way too much TV. As soon as I get home from school, I watch Judge Judy. I don't know why, but I really enjoy court shows. Perhaps I just enjoy seeing other people airing their dirty laundry on nationally syndicated television, for everyone to see.

greenman said...

Thnak your husband for creating a phrase I will now use whenever someone seduces me into watching crap like "Charmed" or "The Apprentice". I like your list of favorites and commend you on your dedication to good tv.

Rhiannon said...

I often join Tim in saying that I am dumber for having watched a show. But it doesn't stop me from watching it (sometimes twice). A good example of this is the movie "Head over Heels", which was on TV twice this weekend, and I watched it 1.5 times. Yes, the deep plot has Freddie Prinze Jr. as an FBI agent undercover in the fashion world. And although I like Monica Potter, she doesn't exactly carry the movie. Couldn't help it though - I watched.

I try not to feel shameful about how much TV I watch, but I don't often tell people either. My favorites are:

The O.C.
Real World (and Road Rules Challenges)
Sex and the City (reruns on TBS cuz I never had HBO)