Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Boss

Normally, I don't love Bruce like most Philadelphians love Bruce. Like I have written before, they are big fans. Well, yesterday, on the beloved WXPN, the DJ played Bruce's new song "Radio Nowhere". It is so good. So good that when it was over she said,

"That song rocks. Let's hear it again."

I have never heard a DJ on any station play a song two times in a row. It kind of blew my mind, but after I listened to it again, I agreed. It was completely worthy of the double dip.

And to make your day even brighter, "Radio Nowhere" is FREE!!! this week on itunes. It is kind of hidden and not displayed as a free weekly download. Instead, you have to search Bruce Springsteen and click on his new album Magic.



Mathman said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check out the song on iTunes.

shelly said...

i am a giant fan of the repeat button and any dj who is so bold as to do it on the air is my new hero. (i got my new puter! back in action!)