Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tatos and Matos

Maybe I am looking in the wrong spot or something, but I am having a hard time finding road side farm fresh produce stands in Philadelphia. Granted, Philadelphia isn't really the bread basket of America like Minnesota, North Dakota, and Iowa seem to be.

Even though I do not get my fair share of peaches-n-cream corn in Philly, I was able to enjoy an ear when I visited my friend Steve P. in Minnesota. The corn adventure started when we pulled up to the road side stand to find a welcoming sign. I love when food is abbreviated to 'matos and 'tatos. I forced Steve to stand by the sign to take a picture. I think he knew it would end up on the blog.

We took the corn home and husked it. It was Steve's suggestion that we grill the corn. I have not been very successful with grilled corn. It usually burns, but I did my best not to balk at this idea. Steve's stock is pretty high with me but it was raised even more when he grilled the peaches-n-cream corn to perfection. Everyone at the table agreed that it was their favorite item of the night.


Anonymous said...

"Cukes" is a really big word in Adams. Everyone is talking about how many "cukes" they have. And they are trying to give me their cukes. It wasn't until someone actually gave me a bag of cucumbers and called it "cukes" that I even made the connection! I am rather ignorant about gardening. I don't pickle. But, I will eat the "Cuke" with a little ranch.

I love correct grammar, but I would never correct you- very annoying. Blogging is not about proper spelling. Get over it, Anonymous.

I just made lunch for four guys and their meals required 14 pieces of bacon. It would make you proud.


Eyes said...

Great photo. I've never seen those abbreviations before!

Eyes said...

Okay, I see your annoyance of the week.

I am the exact opposite. I love it when someone corrects my errors. I don't care who it is. I love to learn and grow -- with any opportunity.