Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You Know You Are Back in Philly When...

You are standing in line to pay at the Wawa, a local convenience store, when a very angry woman starts yelling that she wants to speak with a manager. The manager is busy restocking the candy aisle. She pushes past the 12 people/audience standing in line to tell her story of victimization to the manager.

Apparently, the cashier had the nerve to ask for her identification when she wanted to purchase some cigarettes. When she handed it to him, he asked for her birthday. She told him. He refused to sell her the cigarettes.

Well, that was her side of the story. When the manager asked the cashier what was going on, he shared his side.

Keep in mind, this was being yelled from the candy aisle and not in a discreet conversation. We were all witness to it all.

The cashier said that she called him a 'stupid asshole' and he won't sell to her because of it.

The angry woman denied that she said that even though WE ALL heard her.

The manager didn't care about the cashier's dignity. He told him to sell her 'the stupid cigarettes'. He wouldn't so she went to the next cashier. She should have done that in the first place. Ah...Philly.

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