Wednesday, September 19, 2007

At Least I Tried

Hmmm...What should I write about? I do not feel like I have anything going on. Okay. Let's do one of those random type posts. Let's do what I am diggin' right now.

Weeds. I love that show. It is not heavy duty, just some funny weed selling in the 'burbs. Like I have written/complained about before, I hate when I run out of DVDs before they have more seasons out. I am left just wanting more.

The Biggest Loser. I have never watched this reality show before, but before I knew it, I was hooked. I think it is really inspiring, but I wish people didn't get kicked off. I want them all to lose and get an opportunity to do that...but they do. They'll get to keep working on it at home like the rest of us chuckleheads.

Chili. It is hot, spicy, and so yummers. Granted, it has those magic beans, but I can handle it. I have had leftover chili for two nights in a row with a dollop of sour cream on it. De-lish.

Fall. I am getting the first feelings of fall with the cool morning and evenings. I have broken out the hot cocoa and the jean jacket. As a kindergarten teacher, my calendar is based on seasonal themes...apples, leaves, pumpkins...Do people not entrenched in fall themes get into it as I do? However, I am dreading the leaves in my backyard. Oh well, I will look at it as exercise.

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pat said...


Fall is my favorite. I'm so glad that right now, after 6 months of blazing heat, I've been wearing a pullover to work every morning!! AHH!!