Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Weekend

New Ringtone
I used to have Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" as my default ringtone on my cell phone, but now, I have the theme from one of my favorite television shows, The Office. I look forward to my phone ringing.

Raised Flower Bed

We worked very hard on landscaping this weekend. I would post a picture but it won't be complete until the spring when we fill it with soil. We plan on using our fall leaves to get it all healthy for the spring planting. We placed 60 edging stones and it looks lovely. It will be a raised bed where we plan to really get green thumbs.

More TV Love
We watched the first two discs of Heroes, Season One. I love it. I knew I would but I just couldn't commit to watching it every week. I can commit to The Office because if I miss something, I won't be far behind the story.

Christmas Present
I purchased my first present for the Christmas season. I have a grand plan. I want to be finished with Christmas shopping by December 1. My other goal is to buy 80% of my Christmas gifts online and not enter a single mall. When I purchase gifts, I am going to ask, "What will this person REALLY enjoy?" Giving gifts is a tricky thing. I feel like as a 31 year old woman, I do not really need to receive presents, but I love to give presents. Tim and I do not exchange Christmas, Valentines, or anniversary presents. You get to a certain age and realize that if you want something, you go and buy it. However, that is the challenge of gift giving...I want to buy things that people have not thought of buying for themselves, but they will love it just the same.

Mixed CDs
I get big joy out of mixing CDs for friends. I mixed four CDs. I like to have a theme for each disk that is specially chosen for the receiver of the CD. The four themes follow...
- 80's songs that are underappreciated
- songs that you should know
- songs I am loving right now
- songs to work out to

Three out of four of those these are kind of bossy.


Courtney said...

You've got it so together, Dudley! I love the way you spend your time and aspire to your organizational and creative greatness : )

Anonymous said...

I love all mixed CDs by Sara. I am listening to one right now.


shelly said...

i have several, as you know, but i am going to demand a copy of "songs to work out to" and "songs you should know" cause i probably won't know them. i love new music.

Jennifer said...

Sara! I would love a copy of the workout songs. I was just thinking this morning how I am tired of my mix that I made. For that matter, I'd love a copy of all your mixes. What do I have to do to get them? :)

Sara said...

Jennifer, email me and I can make this happen...or at least some mixes.