Sunday, September 23, 2007


On Friday night, we went to my favorite Thai restaurant. I was looking forward to an evening with Tim since our week was pretty hectic. We could just have a nice evening where we could just talk. However, it wasn't in the cards.

Instead, we had this guy (roll of the eyes) who was sitting next to us. Let me describe him for you. He laughed in a LOUD high-pitched cackle. He ate his food and many, many pieces of it fell out of his mouth when he ate. Some of it got caught in his very hair beard.

I should have been concentrating on my husband, but I couldn't. I just couldn't. I sound judgemental. I am judgemental. I judge those who make eating at a restaurant unbearable. It wasn't just me that was uncomfortable with this guy because the couple on the other side of us were bothered.

I wish I could be the type of person who can ignore others when they are without any self-awareness, but I can't. Never have been.


Dana B. said...

It's annoying that tables in a lot of restaruants are too close together. Sean's parents took us out to eat shortly after our friend died just to get us out of the house. I was sitting at the table crying and some old lady leaned over and told me my food looked good and asked whether she should get it! uh.....

pat said...

have no guilt, chum. i would have thrown my food at him. and then i would have shaved his beard.