Saturday, September 08, 2007

Midwestern Observation

Either I wasn't paying attention or this is a new phenomenon, but it seems that most cars have some sort of decal decoration in their back window or on their bumper stickers. I am sure that back in the day, we couldn't derive that much information from a person's car.

Maybe we could assume if they were a clean person or a dirty person by the dirt on their car, but now, I could do a reasonable character assessment based upon their many, many decals.

I decided to keep track of the decals, license plate covers, and bumper stickers in just one day and I was able to learn that people feel the need to let all of us other drivers that they...

  • are an Army Wife.
  • are paying tuition at many, many colleges.
  • use Apple computers.
  • love the Dave Matthews Band.
  • have been on some great vacations.
  • have a child who is an honor student.
  • hate some brands of cars...this one is because some little cartoon is urinating on the brand.
  • support a variety of causes that range from Autism awareness to Supporting our Troops.
  • are Democrats.
  • are Republicans.
  • are soccer moms.
  • love Jesus.
  • want to impeach Bush.
  • are Evolutionists.
  • love the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies, Flyers.
  • miss Dale Earnhart.
I am sure if I continued my unscientific observation for longer than one weekend, I could come up with some more details of these drivers' lives, but I will just be amused at their attempts to add to their identity through car decals.


firedancerdancin said...

Kevin has been keeping track of bush bashing bumper stickers for awhile now. Some of em are pretty amusing.

I have a DMB sticker on my vehicle. :-)

Kevin's has a Beatles sticker on his car as well as a "Real Men Love Jimi" (as in Jimi Hendrix, but the play on words is pretty funny. he's clever, that guy.)

It's always nice to "keep up" with you via your blog.
Take care!

Courtney said...

These are the most annoying stickers ever. I always have to follow this statement up with the reassuring statement that I totally fully support the fact that others have passions and want to proudly display that support. However, I think this has been a bit overdone, so now they all have that much less effect.

Mathman said...

All I have on my car is a sticker indicating that I support the University of Northern Iowa Panthers. It's just the panther logo with the letters UNI below it.

My last car also had a sticker of Yoda from Star Wars, but that was the car I had before getting married. I don't think my wife would appreciate a Yoda on the car we own together. Actually, she probably wouldn't care too much. Afterall, I have a personalized license plate indicating my fondness for Yoda.

pat said...

My stickers are all bands:

Dave Matthews Band
The Shins
Five Iron Frenzy
Pigeon John

My last car had bands AND outdoor equipment/apparel:
Black Dog
Mary Jane (Ski Slope at Winter Park)

So, really, mine are just about good music and being perceived as cool as possible.