Monday, October 01, 2007

TV Can Be Quite Good...These Are a Big Maybe

New shows rarely impress me. I usually will find one show a season that I am into. I entered into this new television season with high hopes for two shows, Chuck on NBC and Dirty Sexy Money on ABC. However, after watching the first episodes of each show, I think they both have fatal least in my eyes.

Chuck is clever enough. There are nerdy jokes which I like, but Chuck has downloaded all of the world's secrets into his mind. It will look like someone is going to die or some disaster will happen, but then Chuck reaches into his downloaded subconscious and can figure out the mystery at the last moment.

I am going to give it one more shot tonight with Chuck. I am going to hope that Chuck doesn't have an 'aha' moment during the last five minutes of the show to have an easy solution. Granted, it is a comedy and I should expect holes in the story, but I have high television series standards.

Then there is Dirty Sexy Money. What is there not to like about Peter Krauss. Dreamboat. However, unlike his earlier series Six Feet Under, these characters are an open book from the first 20 minutes of the series premiere. I hope they have not pigeon holed the characters so that there is very little character development.

I think television executives should know better now with excellent shows like The Sopranos or Six Feet Under that are character driven with a slow and unwinding art of story telling. With Dirty Sexy Money, I feel like I know the characters and their possible story lines after only one episode. I try to stay away from shows that are event driven rather than character driven.

This might be premature and I hope I can eat these words, but television executives dumb down shows and I think this is a big mistake. We are big boys and girls with brains. If you write it well, we will watch it.

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