Sunday, October 07, 2007

Because I Can...

Let me complain a little...

The other night, we were returning from Delaware where we had enjoyed babysitting our little cousin, Emmeline. She is three months and so cute. We were on the interstate where they were doing some repairs at midnight. There was only one lane open. The left lane.

Warnings were given for many, many miles prior to the narrowing of the lanes into one lane, yet so many people just kept driving in the right lanes. When it was finally time to squeeze into the left lane, Tim let one person in and kept driving. One guy who drove by all the people waiting their turn in the left lane wanted in and Tim did not let him.

So, he threw up his aggressive middle finger to let us know how victimized he felt.

Really??? So, Mr. Aggressive Driver, you think because you did not show courtesy to all the people waiting patiently in the left lane that we should show you courtesy. When you give people the middle finger, it doesn't encourage us to be courteous to you.

People just have more guts when they are surrounded by metal and glass.

However, just the other day, three teenage girls crossed the street in the middle of a very busy road and not at the crosswalk. They made people slow down and stop so they could cross. So, I honked. Yes, this might have been seen as aggressive, but I wanted to let them know they were not be courteous. However, they let me know with a synchronized middle finger that they did not need the reminder.

Let's just all be nice.

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