Monday, October 29, 2007

Let's Share

Along with Dream Dinners, my new obsession is Simplify Media. This is a revolutionary idea where you share your itunes library with your friends. It is not the illegal kind of sharing where I actually get to put the songs in my library, but instead, I just listen to their library when they are online.

I love it.

Right now, I can listen to Jodi's, Sara's, Amanda's, and Courtney's music. If you want to share music too, just invite me and if I know you, I will say yes. It is my first name and last name all lowercase.

This is what I love about sharing itunes right at this moment...
  • I am using Amanda's music as a bit of a time capsule to my junior high days. I can listen to "What She's Doing Now" by Garth Brooks on Amanda's tunes and go right back to the early 90's when I couldn't get enough of Garth. Oh! And "Burnin' Bridges"...I love that one too! She has a mean collection of early 90's Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith music. What? You didn't know that about me? You didn't know that I used to jam in my bedroom to christian rock in my pre-teen years? Proudly.

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