Sunday, October 21, 2007

My New Thing...Hopefully

Although I love to cook, my energies are low during the work week and I have been quite lazy with my meal preparation. Not only are my energies low after a day of kid-wrangling in kindergarten, but I tend to run out of ideas for dinner. It doesn't matter how many recipe books that I look at or how many recipes that I try, I end up cooking the same boring meals...if I cook at all.

My friend Sara was telling me about her meal preparation store that she goes to once a month. I was interested.

So, next Saturday, I will go to my local Dream Dinners and prepare 12 meals with three servings each. The food is all bought, cleaned, and prepared. I will put the meals together and they provide the tins and covers so I can take them home and freeze them. I think it is a pretty good deal, cost wise. Sure, you are paying for some of the convenient, but I will gladly do that so I do not have to plan and cook 12 meals during the work week. That leaves only eight days where I will have to think of something to cook, but Tim provides dinner every Thursday night. So, that really means that I only have to think of four meals a month!

We have a few meal preparation stores around Philly, but I will start with Dream Dinners. I might try Super Suppers next month. This is my new favorite thing. I am already looking at next months menus at these stores to see where I want to make December's meals.

I do love to plan meals and cook meals, but I will save those energies and creative juices for the weekend meals.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds really neat. How varied are their menus?