Monday, October 29, 2007

Open for Suggestions

Inspire me, readers. I am taking suggestions for all things. The following is the list of things I would like some suggestions.

  1. Music
  2. Books
  3. Websites - keep it clean, people.
  4. Beverages
  5. Cozy comforts
  6. Haircuts
  7. Blog topics


Carm said...

What about the new CD, Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. I listened to the clips on Amazon and I think --I-- need to check this one out.

Anonymous said...

Blog topics - I think you should write about your days as a boys basketball cheerleader and post pictures...or didn't you want everyone to know about that? :-)


Sara Hondl said...

Scott is reading the book "Love is a mix tape" by Rob Sheffield. I think you'd like it.
I also am in a raspberry ginger ale kick.

Anonymous said...

I think Sara D. could write a book... "My Life as a Mix Tape"

Sounds like a good book!

I love grape propel water... it could be because I have been shopping at small-town Cenex shops lately.

I just started using a small barrell curling iron- like I used in junior high... and it creates a much better flip in my hair- who knew!

Blog more about politics. I always like your take on the issues.

I just got a plaque with the quote:
"Friends are like stars. Even when you can't see them, you know they are still there."


Carm said...

Politics would be interesting.. I just watched last Tuesday's democratic debate in good ol' Philly on MSNBC's website. I missed it on TV. It's got me thinking... about electability, Iran, impeachment... and oddly enough, UFOs (not really the last one. There's an interesting interactive thingy on their website that lets you explore the issues and the candidates and where they stand... for both parties.

Anonymous said...

I agree, blog more about politics. And your long term hair plan - How is that going?

firedancerdancin said...

1. Music--best driving and singing at the top of your lungs new song--"Hard Sun" from the "Into the Wild" Soundtrack. Crank it and sing the harmonies. fun. I am, in fact, doing just that as I sit in my office. I will most likely listen again, and DANCE and sing as well.

2. Books--
Eat, Pray, Love
Water for Elephants
Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs


4. Crystal Light "On the Go" pouches--raspberry green tea.

5. Fire in the fireplace, good book, coffee and a fuzzy blanket.

6. Haircuts? Ummm...yes.

7. Blog topics: why you teach. favorite memory as a child. worst boss ever. Pivotal moment in life...

8. My JUST turned 5 stepson: *big sigh* "Why does life have to be like this?!?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Stepson: "You know. Showers and Baths and stuff!"

Dana B. said...

1. I can only recommend reggae, but if you are interested in some little know female artists, check out Phyllis Dillon. She has a beautiful voice and sings sweet rocksteady and early reggae songs. I am pretty sure compilations of her songs are available on amazon.

6. I think your hair looks great.