Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Question of the Day

Do we ever stop making the same mistakes over and over again?

Does everyone make mistakes over and over again or is there hope for me and all the other people whose foresight is completely obscured by emotions, excuses, or some other unconvincing arguments.

When I look at other people and the choices they make in their lives, it seems that they make the same choice/mistake over and over. It got me thinking about the decisions that I have made in my life. Anything from my ability to lose a little bit of weight, only to gain it back again to accepting unacceptable behaviors from the people in my life.

I guess I am one of many. Sometimes, I will think this is a good quality. For example, I give lots and lots of second chances only to be disappointed. Then, I usually start making excuses for people's behaviors and think my standards are too high. Finally, I get pissed and let them know exactly what I think.

Or even worse! I let it go only to make the same mistake again that leads to frustration.

Let's take weight loss. What it comes down to is that it bores me. Bad. It can keep my attention for about a week. Even when I think about the positive consequences in my life, I still cannot stay motivated to make healthy choices. For example, the beautiful and delicious buffalo chicken cheese steak that I have written about with great love before on this blog. I know that if I eat the whole thing, I will be uncomfortable, but it is so good. So, I make the mistake and eat it...even when I know, but my foresight is obscured by bleu cheese.

I am sure I could think of more mistakes/choices that I continue to make, but I do not need a shame spiral tonight.

Oh and that excuse about "we all make mistakes" is no good when you keep making them. It is time we all start learning from our mistakes.


Carm said...

I understand and can definitely relate. I am fickle and easily distracted by some new idea or hobby or obsession. Weight loss, being fit, and exercise is one thing that is an occasional obsession and then it falls by the wayside the minute life becomes stressful or something else takes over.

The one good thing I've been able to maintain for more than a month now is my cold turkey stop to Diet Coke. I'm a full on water girl now.

Eyes said...

I've always believed argue once, and you are growing and learning. Argue twice (about the same thing), and you've missed the learning opportunity -- and are headed down a negative path.

But with weight, I always believe it is in the genes and beyond my control LOL.

Oh, to be human... What we don't do to ourselves! And what we think we can control, but really can't! One could write a book.