Saturday, October 06, 2007

Midwestern Endorsement: Pushing Daisies

Last week, I wrote about my disappointments with some of the fall pilot shows. However, Pushing Daisies do not fit into this category.

Instead, I love Pushing Daisies. It falls somewhere between a mystery and fantasy with lots of quirks in between. The narration reminds me of Ameile which is one of my favorite movies. Unlike so many of the television shows on each evening, it has an interesting concept.

Ned - the guy in the tie - has the skill of returning people to life with his touch, but if he touches them again, they are returned to being dead. Some mystery solving happens along with clever and witty writing between characters.

I see this show as being innocent and simple and not messed up with torrid story lines and annoying self-absorbed characters. I will be watching Pushing Daisies on Wednesdays at 8/7 central.


Courtney said...

I loved what I saw of this as well. Have set it to record on DVR so that I can watch it with full concentration. Looks excellent!

Carm said...

It was great. Good call. I expected to like it because it's done by the same people who did the Addams Family films and I enjoyed them too.