Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No Place for a Deer

Sure, they look cute and fragile, but they are damn fast.

I am rarely put in a place where my most basic verbal instinctive reaction occurs, but today as I drove home from school with a quick stop at the coffee shop, I revealed my words.

I screamed with my window down "HOLY SH..". Why? Well, I didn't expect to have a huge HUGE deer run in front of me in the middle of the city. Not just any deer, but a several horned buck that just kept running down a residential street. I am glad that we were perpendicular rather than parallel because I am sure I would have crashed into something because I couldn't look away from this rare and strange scene.

I just hope there weren't any children around to be shocked by my crass, yet gut verbal reaction.

1 comment:

Carm said...

At least you didn't HIT it with your car. The last time I saw a deer up close he and his pal were bouncing off my front bumper and hood of my car.