Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Airport Creatures

I do not chat with people at airports, rather I have encounters with people at the airport. I observe them. An airport is one of the few places in the world that you can get away with blatent staring. No one would say, "Stop staring!".

Even though there are many "types" in the airport, I encountered my favorites today in my air travels. First, I met Angry Victim Traveler. He usually has more than one piece of carry-on luggage. He is certainly bothered when asked to remove any metal objects and even more annoyed when asked to take out his laptop computer. He'll always place his objects on the security belt as if he has taken great offense to the whole process. He does not consider others as he slams his gray, plastic container into someone else's belongings. Angry Victim Traveler disappears midflight only to reappear at the baggage carousel. He picks up a suitcase he mistakes as his own and then shows great disgust and cannot believe someone else might have the exact same navy blue suitcase as he has. Of course, he doesn't gently lay the mistaken suitcase back on the conveyer belt, but rather throws it on top of a fellow travelers garment bag with little consideration for the contents. Sadly, Angry Victim Traveler is not a rare breed.

Sometimes, Angry Victim Traveler is sometimes morphed with the Very Important Traveler. She can be identified by her use of not one, but sometimes up to three electronic devices that show how VERY IMPORTANT she is. She might like to talk on her handsfree cell phone as she checks her PDA to see how many important meetings she has tomorrow. Very Important shares the common characterist of many carry-on bags with Angry Victim.

These are just a few of the characters that can be found at any airport anywhere in the world. I encountered just a few today. Posted by Hello

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Eyes said...

Great post. I enjoyed it! I know the exact ones. I actually encounter VERY IMPORTANT in the local stores frequently. She can't even go into the grocery store without holding an "I'm important" conversation. Barf!!

Thanks for the email about your granfather. I enjoyed reading about him and his very open-mind. Sounds like he was a great man!