Monday, September 13, 2004

Low Carb = Low Crunch

Good bye, bagel. See ya, tortilla. After awhile, chip. Farewell, cereal. Adieu, all things crispy and crunchy.

This is a self-impossed break up. I am going low carb. I know that this may surprise some people who know me as hardcore Weight Watchers, but I can't do it. I get so bored with it. I also have a desparate case here. I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into in 5 weeks. Right now, I have two buttons that just can't button. My friends have informed me that one can lose weight and inches fast on the low carb diet. That is exactly what I want.

I know it is not a healthy lifestyle choice to eat loads of bacon. Don't worry, I am not. I will be eating the same meats that I usually do. Who knows, maybe I'll really like this food change.

After reading about it, it isn't that bad. I can still eat lots of veggies, cheese, and meat. I will not be able to eat fruit for two weeks, but I will after that. I will be able to eat carbs after two weeks just in moderation. I guess, that is what healthy people do...moderation. I want to be a healthy person. The low carb offers me something else that Weight Watchers does not. I get to learn about something new and totally different. I like that. There are a lot of books and websites devoted to low carb eating.

I walked at a good pace for 25 minutes, lifted my 5 pound weights, and did a number of sit ups. Hooray for me. I must do it again tomorrow.

I felt satisfied today with my food choices. I did miss some crunch though. You know, chips, pretzels, cookies. So, after two weeks, I can have nuts. They crunch.
If you have any advice for me regarding low carb, I would appreciate it.

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Eyes said...

I think low-carb works best for me -- but I limited myself too much the last two times I went on it. I cut out all carbie like foods when you don't have too.

I've started baking low-carb breads and such -- and I still use sugar (just limit it dramatically). I refuse to do the fake sugar bit.

I fell off the wagon the last time because I couldn't take anymore meat and fat...but now I am planning for it again. I am testing recipes!

This so far is really encouraging me that I can do it. If I can eat a low carb bread and make a low carb dessert -- I'll manage. I plan on starting in the next week or so!

Good luck!
Here is one of my favorite sites:

Amanda said...

If anyone can be successful at the low-carb diet, it's you. You have a persistance! Good luck.

CarpeDM said...

I don't really have anything to say about carbs. Right now, I'm just giving up Mountain Dew and making the occasional good choice (no chips, cheese, sour cream with the taco salad. Just meat and lettuce. There's excitement for you) so I say power to you.

Anyway, in response to your comment, we go to The Chalet, it's in Saint Paul (I think it's Roseville but the Post Office disagrees with me) on Rice Street. They have karaoke 7 nights a week now. We usually go at least twice a month on Sundays. The host, Bryan McDonald, is wonderful and we have a lot of fun.