Sunday, September 26, 2004

Fall is Here

The autumn brings so many time trusted traditions. The changing of the leaves from a vibrant green to a multitude of warm colors, the sound of fans cheering football teams from high school to professional teams, and a trip to a local orchard to find just the right apples for the pies and the crisps.

In our household, we enjoy the all of these fall favorites, but there is something that has not been mentioned...the new television season.

Yes, I know. That sounds a little pathetic, but it brings joy to our house. Tim has his favorites and I have mine. Sometimes we share favorites. Tim has been talking about this week for a long time. It is my goal to limit or cut some shows this year. I am going to limit my reality television shows and TRY to limit my television to one hour a night...Primetime, that is. News and Vikings football doesn't count. Tim is not adopting this plan of less television and it doesn't bother me.

Hopefully, with this new goal, I'll be writing on a more consistant basis.

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