Friday, November 19, 2004

Favorite Things

I wonder how others look at Christmas? I wonder if others take as much joy in the preparation for the holiday season? I think I learned this from my mother because it is her favorite holiday. The food is important. The giving is essential. The family time is key, but it is not just one element of the Christmas season that makes it special. For as long as I have ideas to share, I will be writing about Christmas. I believe people are very opinionated and passionate about Christmas and the holiday season. Feel free to voice your ideas even when they disagree with mine. I will write about other things too, but everyday I will add a Christmas thought.

One of my favorite things about Christmas...

Finding the Perfect Gift
The effort I put into listening for an entire year is exhausting. I try to listen to subtle hints or conversations that might yield clues to the receiver's hobbies, interests, or decadent desires. I try to choose a gift that is practical if they are a practical person. I try to choose a self-indulgent gift if they need it. I am not a person who is looking all year, but only in the months of November and December are my eyes searching for thoughtful gifts. Now don't be fooled. I don't always succeed. Sometimes people are more difficult to find the perfect gift. The most difficult people to buy for are those who have everything and those who are more particular about what they enjoy in life...that is a nice way to say picky.

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