Friday, November 05, 2004

I want to throw away the Viking bobble-head doll

Why do I do this?

I have the day off of school and I am wasting it.

It started out quite nice. I slept in and went to work out. I came home and began cleaning my apartment since I had kind of let it go with all of the work on the election and conferences. Anyway...I started cleaning and I can't stop. Cleaning turns into organizing, re-organizing, rearranging, reframing, and on and on.

Right now, I have cleaned and rearranged the living room, cleaned the kitchen, and currently...I am sitting in the study surrounded by piles of books that I need to reshelve or bring to goodwill. One of the reasons that I do this every once in awhile is that I detest clutter. I do not have any collections for this reason. I buy things, but do not become attached to them.

I have no problem throwing or donating items that I feel do not have a place in our little apartment. Let me give you an example...folders. As educators, Tim and I have many used, old folders. Sure, we could reuse them, but right now they are sitting on a useful shelf that I could put a candle or some books. They are out. I have a few things that I should throw, but do not. For example, the broken bobble-head Vikings player. Tim is attached to this, but I would like to throw it out. It stays.

My goal is to be finished by 3:30 so I can go and do something fun. Shame on me. This is my own fault.

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Yankeebob said...

Keep the bobble-head. Everyone needs something to keep them a little off center. Of course, I have too many things like that around. (Maybe.)