Saturday, November 06, 2004

Karaoke, Again, Sara?

The lure of the microphone was strong last night at the karaoke bar. A group of us gathered from work to enjoy some singing and conversation. The only problem is that only a few of us sang karaoke.

How can people sit there and not want to sing a song. The choices are limitless and the crowd is supportive. The only other person who sang was Jeff, but that was no surprise since he sings with his guitar in his classroom. He belted out "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Love Potion #9". The first is always a crowd pleaser.

There were two young women running karaoke last night. They were cute and excellent singers. They were so good that it almost made people NOT want to sing because they would sound horrible after these two girls. The two girls had great karaoke taste if you ask me since they were singing all my standards..."Midnight Train To Georgia" (which I plan to never sing again after hearing these two girls do it), "9 to 5", and "Son of a Preacher Man". These are my favorites.

Don't worry one sang my favorite karaoke song, "Jeffersons Theme Song". I feel like a bit of a karaoke super hero when I sing that song. Either that or the karaoke gods smile on me because I am always called up to sing "Jeffersons" right when the crowd needs it most. There was a succession of slow, emotional country ballads which brought the crowd a few claps, but then Super Sara swoops in gets the crowd going with the hand-clapping version of "The Jeffersons"!

It was pretty busy last night so I only sang two songs. "These Boots Are Made For Walking" was a goody because there was a Divorce Party (opposite of a bachlorette party, I guess) there last night. When I started singing, these women came up to me and started putting feather boas and leopard print, long gloves on me. I looked the part and could now be a part of their party.

I think I have written more about karaoke than any other topic on my blog. I would like to pose a challenge to all of my readers...find a karaoke bar, sit and have a few, and choose a song and sing it. You might be surprised how fun it can be to be a karaoke star for one night.


Eyes said...

Oh, Sara. I wouldn't sing in public if I was paid $10,000. Okay for that maybe I would. When I was in my youth, I'd listen to my music on headphones, and I'd sing and sing and sing.

Well once when I pulled them off, I heard laughing hysteria. I was like what is going on? What is so fun?

It ended up, I was. I sing so out of tune, so bad -- they all told me (mom, dad, brother) to never sing in public. I didn't have a talent -- but rather a totally deaf ear! I has never failed. Even when I whistled, my cat would attack me!!

Enjoy the fact you have a voice :) Not everyone does.

Matt said...

I can't sing a bit, but I don't let it stop me from belting out Billy Joel at any karaoke opportunity. Fortunately, my wife can't sing either, so on long car trips we both sing 80s songs loudly off key and it doesn't bother either of us. Unforunately, our four year old is starting to have an opinion about such things...