Monday, November 29, 2004

Rocky Mountain High

This is the view from Tim's parents backyard...nice.
The View
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I have returned from my Thanksgiving holiday in Denver. Being my first time to Colorado, I had high expectations. First, I'd like to say that people who visit Denver try very hard to dress the part. For example, I saw so many women who wore these very faux furry boots and faux furry vests with some jingle-jangle hanging off them. There is no way these women were going skiing in these get-ups. I did not wear any Denver-ware.

Here are the highlights from our trip to visit Tim's parents...

Delicious Thanksgiving dinner cooked by Deb, Tim's mom. She made turkey, chestnut stuffing, salads, and pumpkin squares. Javier and Erin, our college friends, were also invited for dinner and it was great to catch up with them. We played dominoes which was our favorite game back at UND.

On Friday, we went shopping and had a fantastic meal at an Italian restaurant. We shopped and spent the day just checking out the shops in Flatiron. We came home and took a brief rest before we ventured downtown to eat and see a comedy show.

Dinner was at the Capital Grille where I ate the yummiest au gratin potatoes I have ever eaten. The comedy club was just around the corner. The headliner was Rocky LaPorte, but several local comics warmed up the audience (doesn't it sound like I know what I am talking about when I talk about comedians?). He was terrific. The best part, besides it being funny, was that it was smokefree.

Saturday, we went to the Denver Museum of Science and Nature where we went to an ancient Egypt exhibit. Besides being facinating, it made me aware of how much of this world I am unfamiliar with. I know nothing about ancient Egypt. Now, I know a little. It was a long, but fun day.

Finally, our vacation with family came to an end on Sunday when we returned to the airport, home of people dressed in funny little ski outfits. I tried to go on an earlier flight back to the heartland, but it was of no luck. That flight kept getting delayed because of weather, but I was entertained by the crabby men who didn't realize that life goes on even if their flight is delayed. I wanted to shame these men. They kept going up to the ticket agents and yelling and giving them dirty looks. Don't these people realize that they are so lucky to inside a warm place with plenty of food. We were fine. They tried to talk to me and get me wrapped up in their disgust, but I would have none of it.

"Relax. You're fine," the level-headed girl said to the exasperated man.

Finally, I arrived back in Des Moines at 10:00. Luggage here? Check. Toni and Bill here to pick me up? Check. Groceries in my fridge so I have a breakfast tomorrow? Nope, two out of three ain't bad.

It was a terrific time with family.


Eyes said...

Sounds like a great trip. You are a jetsetter!

I traveled like crazy from Jr. High through the time I got married and exhausted myself. Now I am happy to be home :) but your trips do make me think about going somewhere again someday :)

Eyes said...

I like the look of your blog by the way.