Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Sara's Quirks

I live a life of secret quirkiness. Some would agree that it is a secret and others might say that I wear that quirkiness on my sleeve. This blog, for example, when people at work find out that I write a personal blog everyday, they just shake their head and say something like, "Of course you do, Sara." They are not surprised. Yet, I might make a bolder statement regarding my likes and dislikes in our world and they are shocked...sometimes offended.

My Dislikes In This World

  • Clapping-I know. One might say that there is no reason behind it, but I would rather let others do the clapping for me.
  • Cilantro-What an offensive spice or herb...I have no idea either way. America seems to be on a cilantro kick because it is in every kind of salsa and salad.
  • Gold-aesthetically, it does not please me. I prefer silver.
  • Furry Blankets and Flannel Sheets-I cannot tolerate this. I have anxiety everytime I stay at someone's house who doesn't know this about me because I fear that when I pull back the covers, a furry, fuzzy, flannel mess will be awaiting me. Fleece fits into this category as well. My only exception to this rule is velvet.
  • Tardiness-Oh, if you have been around me when people are late...It drives me crazy. In my lifetime, I have collected a few less than punctual friends and they know this about me. They try harder than anything to be on time, but rarely are. In my age, I have mellowed a little and I am trying to be more empathetic to tardiness, but I still struggle with keeping my body language under control with this.
  • Tired Friendships-I have no time for them. Either you call me and I call you, or let's call it quits. Either I try and you try, or let's call it a day. There is nothing wrong in letting a relationship take its natural course even if that means it ends.
  • Saxophone Solos-It is painful to my ears. I might enjoy a song, but if it has a sax solo, it is over.
  • Flip-Flops-The strap between my toes is unacceptable. I have tried several times to embrace this shoe, but it is of no use since I only end up throwing them across some room.
  • Redundancy-There is nothing worse than sitting in a meeting with people who want to have their voice heard even though two other people said the exact same thing as they did. There is something to be said for wise silence.
  • The Fearful TV Media in Iowa-Every story they report makes a person believe that the end is near. Their reports usually start with something like, "Before the next time you eat out at a restaurant, you will want to watch this or you could end up on your deathbed." I am not exaggerating.

Even though I have listed several things that I dislike, I remain a positive person who just has a few quirks. I am sure that some will disagree with me, but thankfully, my dislikes are not items that will divide my readership.


Super Rachel Zana said...

Aaack! This was a fun list to read, Sara! I both laughed and appreciated it! I HATE clapping also. I hate it so much that I don't even like being clapped for/at. It makes me nauseas. And I have a hard time clapping for other people because I don't like applause for myself, therefore I would like to think they don't appreciate it either, even though most people seem to. However, I do have a strong love for flannel sheets . . . to me they are heavenly, and I love fleece too. Sorry.

Eyes said...

We all have our quirks :) It's fun seeing someone else's quirks :)

Anonymous said...

You may be one of the people who hate the taste of cilantro because of a genetic thing. To the rest of us it tastes fine. Look it up!