Monday, February 07, 2005

An All Around Good Day

In the course of one week, I have traveled the emotional and health spectrum of which I am capable.
I am a hearty person who rarely falls ill. In the course of my four and a half years of teaching, I have taken three sick days. Unfortunately, Tim shared his cold with me and I contracted a heck of a head cold. I was tough though. I stuck it out when I should have stayed home, but we had tests at school and other responsibilities. I just happen to be so self-absorbed to believe that I MUST be there. Terrible.
After a weekend of recovery, I am back on track. Thank God for Vicks. It allowed me the ability to take in oxygen.
Emotionally, I was feeling a tad sorry for myself, but I am over that too. I realize that perspective is a powerful human tool. When I was able to see the forest through the trees, I recognized that I have more than most people could dream of in the area of opportunities.
It all came to a head when I realized, with the help of others, that it is perfectly acceptable to not know the future. It is reasonable to feel vulnerable. As powerful as perspective is, I think acceptance of the unknown is equally meaningful.
I had a great day at school. My students were engaged and ready to learn. We were back on the learning wagon. I came home, cleaned a little...only a little, made some supper for myself, and hoped on the treadmill. Good for me!

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