Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Shop, Crave, Want

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

In the course of one hour, I feel like I want so much. Stupid stuff, too. I want to go shopping TONIGHT! and get a new pair of jeans, the pair of brown shoes that I have been putting off, a new CD that I have been craving, and a bright, new colorful watch. Why tonight? It is a little like PMS for the shopper.

But no. I will not go out tonight to do this. I will wait until the weekend and buy a new pair of brown shoes. The need for a new pair of jeans will have then passed. The CD will probably be bought before the end of the week because I have priorities, people.

I think it started this morning when I opened my closet and said, "I have nothing to wear." Tim has no comprehension of this idea "nothing to wear". His simple, yet uninformed solution usually includes the advice, "Well, wear that," pointing at something I would never consider wearing and should have donated long ago.


Dree said...

"I have nothing to wear" happens pretty much every morning for me. Interspersed with "I have nothing that looks good on me," of course. But alas, I have no husband to make wardrobe suggestions. :)

Rhiannon said...

I will shop for brown shoes with you - in spirit. I need them too. And black. All of my shoes are 5+ years old and look like sh*t.

aka_Mer said...

If you go tonight instead, I'll go with you. I'll get the black mules I really truly do need, but have been putting off for um, 2 years. LOL. I'll also get a watch. Again: putting it off forever. Mine fell, the glass cracked. I've been looking for like a year and haven't found any I wanted. Well... except that $400 one, but of course I'm not that stupid. LOL.

firedancerdancin said...

I too have nothing to wear.

It's an epidemic people!

Mama Duck said...

Men don't understand nor have any compassion for the the "nothing to wear" saga...it's the main difference in male DNA I think. And yes, once it's in your mind to go get something today, you must go TODAY because tomorrow someone else might be walking around in YOUR jeans and YOUR brown shoes listening to YOUR CD if you don't. Cheers!