Friday, February 25, 2005

"Leave the gun. Take the cannollis."

I think I was given a compliment today. Maybe not.

My friend Ryan at work said that I was like the Godfather of my school. I asked him to explain this analogy. Yes, I have a bit of the raspy voice, but I lack the killer instinct and ancestry that would place me in this role.

He explained that I am the person that people go to for a variety of reasons. If people need a boyfriend, they see Sara. If people need professional advice, they see Sara. If people need to know what to do in certain situations, Sara tells them what to do. If someone needs some supper, Sara makes it for them. If someone has a question, Sara will have some sort of answer for them.

No, no one has to wait on line to see me, but I can see his point a little. I think it comes from something that I have discussed in length with my friend Jodi. We discuss how some people have confidence in their decisions and the advice they give out. My confidence comes from the fact that I can justify not only the decisions that I make in my personal and professional life, but I justify the advice I give. Normally, I wait to give the advice until it is asked for. Sometimes I do not. I need to work on that.

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