Sunday, February 06, 2005

Future Travels

I have started to compile a list of things that I would like to see or do when I move to the east coast. My knowledge of the area is so limited that my list is pretty small. It doesn't even include places in Philadelphia only because I know nothing of Philadelphia, except Rocky lived there and our nation was founded there. Boy...that made me sound dumb.

Well, here is the beginning of my list in no particular order. They are spread out over several states.
- Smithsonian
- Holocaust Museum
- Lincoln Memorial
- Washington Memorial
- Metropolitan Museum
- Civil War Museum
- Williamsburg

That is it for now. Feel free to tell me where I should go. Really, I have no idea.


Rhiannon said...

Hi Sara,
Sorry you're having a rough couple of weeks. I hope things get better.

Since your list of places to visit is so "cultural," I'm going to throw a fun one in there. Why not go see the house where the Real World people are living (or lived) in Philly?

Eyes said...

I would go to the ocean in NJ. I don't think you'll be that far away. How cool is that? Oh but I remember you are not a beach girl. Still the ocean offers great dining nearby, long wonderful walks and a totally different culture. If I were you, the ocean would have me so psyched! You also won't be too far from NYC. You liked it there, didn't you?

greenman said...

I'm not exactly sure where the official Civil War Museum is located but if it's not in Gettysburg make sure to add that to your list. Walking through the memorials and battlefields is a very moving and touching experience. I grew up in Harrisburg (2 hrs from Philly 30 mins from Gettysburg) and would be happy to steer you towards some other great places to visit on the east coast.