Monday, February 07, 2005

Musical Tag

Like all things blog, there are some interesting things to be learned. My fellow Iowa blogger, Matt, has tagged me with this survey on my musical tastes. So, here it goes.

1.) Last CD you bought...

Gavin DeGraw. I only knew that I loved his song, I Don't Want to Be, on the pop radio station but was unwilling to put myself through numerous pop songs to hear it. You can listen to the entire song and others by clicking on his name...mmm...Gavin.

But as a sidenote, my friend Sara sent me the Garden State soundtrack. She advised me that I would enjoy the music after I had seen the movie. I accepted her challenge and listened to the CD sans the movie. Then, as part of my recovery weekend, I watched the film...I love it more today than yesterday.

2.) Last song listened to before this message...

Last Dance by Donna Summer

I always think that people love to receive a burned CD with a variety of songs when they are down in the dumps, so I was working on a collection for my pal, Michelle, at work. She had a bummer of a day so I was creating a collection specifically for smiles.

3.) 5 songs you listen to a lot or mean something to you...

Come Together by the Beatles

This song never gets old to me as I listen to the lyrics. I love the idea that it was so creative and ahead of its time. There is something really haunting, yet fun about this song. A great message too.

Ghost by The Indigo Girls

Sometimes there is a song that brings you back to a certain time, room, moment and this is that song.

Woodstock by Joni Mitchell/Eva Cassidy

I first heard this song on Six Feet Under. It was a song that I immediately went online to find out the title and the artist. Originally done by Joni Mitchell, I prefer the Eva Cassidy version. I never get tired of this song. I love how I came upon it. When a television show can introduce you to something important like a song, that is terrific.

I've Got a Rock & Roll Heart by Eric Clapton

When I first met Tim, we used to listen to this CD. I didn't share a lot of the same musical taste with him so he always made sure this CD was playing when I would come to his place. It was his first Christmas present to me because he wanted me to have my own copy. I've Got a Rock & Roll Heart is my favorite song on the CD.

Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry

I know. Disco. I love Disco. I dance with my girlfriends at every wedding we attend together to this song. We enjoy it so much. It has gotten to be a little embaressing since we now have "moves" to the song.

4.) Who am I going to pass this stick to?

Well, I would say Mathman, but Matt already challenged him.

So, I will tag Fredette and Dree! This will let me get to know them even more. Feel free to comment, Fredette and Dree if you do not want to post your list.


Eyes said...

ahhh...I have to think hard about this. I will take the tag :)

Dree said...

Ooh... that'll give me something to do during my grad class tonight (in between paying attention, of course).

Dree said...
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