Monday, February 14, 2005

Dig it.

Reasons I dig my job.

  • I played BINGO three times today. Once, to review the states and capitals. Next, to celebrate Valentine's Day. Finally, as part of my games club after school. At after school club, we played four corners, the Z, the T, and regular BINGO classic.
  • We ate apples and explored the exciting grammatical world of adjectives as we compared the different textures, colors, and tastes of apples.
  • I received three hugs today.
  • The school cook, Bernice, brought the leftover sugar cookies into the teacher's lounge.
  • We started to learn division today and, yes, division is fun.


Super Rachel Zana said...

This sounds like a super day . . . except for the long division. Long division is not so fun for me.

Eyes said...

I bet you are a great teacher!

Mama Duck said...

As my one year-old came to me with shaving cream on ther hands and lips this morning it occurred to me how much I miss "desk cleaning days" with shaving cream! Yes, even 5th graders enjoy getting messy (and I liked their desks getting cleaned!). Do you do this?