Friday, June 10, 2005

Airports Bring Out the Worst in People

I am still in Philadelphia, yet I felt some blogger's guilt not posting for a few days.

Let me tell you about my first adventure. Not really an adventure, but more a glimpse into the self-absorbed nature of the air traveler. I've said it before on this blog and I'll say it again, people are at their worst at airports.

They lose all manners their parents once taught them. They lose all sense of empathy for others. They completely disregard tact and good natured kindness.

I am not saying that ALL people are like this, but it is inevitable that you run across at least one or two. That is exactly what happened to me more than once, but I will share my favorite.

The flight from Des Moines to Minneapolis was very average. However, I really needed to use the restroom after the flight. I stood up just to stretch my legs as we were waiting to leave the plane. A family behind me started pushing me into the woman in front of me. I let them get by and the woman in front of my turns around and snaps, "We usually wait and get off by rows. I have a plane to catch, you know?!"

Join the club, lady.

So, I said to her, "I was being pushed into you, not being pushy." Then, I sat down and told Tim what she had said to me.

Then, rude lady in front of me says to me, "I am sorry that I sounded snappy, but I have a plane to catch."

Join the club, lady.

I replied, "Yeah, you already told me that."

Then, she tried to redeem herself by helping a young mother with her bags. Whatever. She just added to my opinion of people at airports and planes.


Dree said...

Congrats on the successful house hunt! Sorry about the airport, though. I hate rude people.

Rhiannon said...

Sara, I have a good one for you. I flew home from Denver on Sunday with the usual annoying flight stuff- crying baby and loud talkative girl behind me. But it was a woman getting on the plane that proves your point. She was bitching to the flight attendant that "they changed my seat without my knowledge. you'll have to find a place for my bag because of this." the flight attendant explained that she'd help her but she'd need to find a place for her own bag. The lady proceeded to throw her backpack over two people into her window seat. Then she said to the two people "just so you know, I'm really sick." I could not believe how obnoxious she was! I'm just glad I wasn't in her row.