Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Start To the Summer of Fun

Yesterday was the last day of work for me. I thought I would be really emotional, but I wasn't. I think I avoided all the sadness by keeping myself busy. Instead of standing around and talking about how sad I would be when I left my favorite job, we stood around and entertained ourselves with rediculous humor.

First, we had a chair race tournement. We had time trials in the morning and the tournement in the afternoon. I am very proud to say that I made it to the final four. I was the only female among four althetic men. Sadly, I could not compete against the football coach. He smoked me. The afternoon was peppered with packing and final preparations for my empty classroom.

Finally, we met at a co-workers house for snacks and drinks.

Along with some 'ghetto s'mores' (fudge stripped cookies and marshmallows rather than the traditional graham crackers, Hersheys, and marshmallows), we sat around the fire pit and had an excellent time. It is one of those times that makes me wish we could sit till late, late into the evening. However, most were tired from a long day of chair races and packing.

Even though it was an end to something very important to me, my teaching time in Iowa, it is also the beginning to something special...the Summer of Fun. The fire pit was only the beginning.


MandyGirl said...

Hey Sara! I was waiting to hear back from the blogger people, so I didn't send out a notice that I'd started a new blog yet. Sure enough, they've fixed the problem and I can post on my original blog again. I was going to be so sad if I had to start a new one! I'm sorry you went to the trouble of updating your link. I'll still be located at the old address for now. :)

And yay for the beginning of the Summer of Fun! The fun continues for me today as I am getting cable hooked up! :)

Mathman said...

The Summer of Fun sounds fun! Unfortunately, when I finish teaching next week, I get a three-day weekend, then I start my new job. I guess it will be the Summer of Money for me, since I'll be getting paid from two different jobs through August.