Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mystery Classmate and My Faithful Readers

I love a good mystery. More importantly to my self-absorbed nature, I like to be in the middle of a good mystery. Since I lead a pretty ordinary life, it is the little adventures and unknowns that keep my life spicy.

One of the greatest mysteries in my life at this moment is who reads my blog. I know my mom reads my blog. I know Dree, Fredette, Jodi, and even Jason reads my blog, yet I have a mystery reader.

Not until a couple of weeks ago did I realize that a former classmate from high school was reading my blog. This was facinating to me. I have plenty of friends from high school that read this blog, but they have known me for years and seen me through many changes in myself. It makes me wonder what a person might think of me after ten years and stumble upon this blog.

I share a lot of opinions and thoughts here. I would love to read a blog that a person from high school wrote. Someone who I once knew. I would love to read what they are thinking and feeling at this time in their lives. Heck...I would love to read anyone's blog that I know. It is a little unfair that I share myself with all of you and I get nothing in return (with the exception of Dree, Fredette, Anna, Matt, Mathman, Rachel, Amanda, and Melanie).

I sound bitter. I am not. I am just kidding around. I love that you read my blog and wish everyone read my blog! I am so happy that my former classmate makes my little corner of the Internet a stop everyday. Thanks for being faithful readers, readers.


Anonymous said...

Amy says: maybe the mystery person will reveal him/herself to you at the reunion.......

Anna said...

I think he/she is part of the "Missing Classmates" section of your reunion website. As an innocent bystander who observed the class of '95 from a distance of 3 years, I have a good feeling it is Remco the Dutch exchange student. It is just a a gut instinct. I heard he is totally into blogs.

Rhiannon said...

Hey, I read your blog too! And by the way, I am the 2400th visitor to your blog :) Yeah me!

I'm thinking of you tonight as you're driving to our home town because I've seen on TV that there are tornadoes all along the highway. I hope that you're safe. I know you don't like storms.