Sunday, June 19, 2005

Let's Rock!

Jodi, Sara, and Heidi...Rocking in the Park!
It was so hot on Saturday in the park.

There were 30 good minutes when I thought I wasn't going to make the long haul that the rock-n-roll spectacular required. I wanted to make Skid Row, Slaughter, Bret Michaels of Poison fame, the AC/DC tribute band, and the other thousand bikini-clad, mullet wearing, air guitar playing, and all around wild crowd proud. I wasn't going to let them down.

Here I was...A Lilith lover in a crowd of 80's hair rock lovers. I was in disguise. I couldn't resist the draw of lawn chairs, snacks, friends, and a day in the park. The music was secondary. Even when hair bands were hip, I was very unhip because I hated them. Now, with a little nostalgia under my belt, I really enjoyed all of it.

The AC/DC tribute band was enjoyable because I recognized all of the songs from Tim's radio choices. He also likes to sing AC/DC in the shower. Skid Row was great only because of the dude in front of me that played not only air guitar, but air drum, air bass, and I believe a little air KEYtair. Sometimes, he'd break into a bit of interpretive dancing for the Skid Row novices in our area who maybe couldn't understand the lyrics.

It was an observer paradise at the park. I loved watching all the people. Every kind of person could be found wandering amongst the food stands and beer tents. Yes, these very same people later would be throwing those beer bottles, but who can blame them. They were in the spirit of rock legends like Bret Michaels. He was great. He came out singing all the Poison favorites! My personal best was "Nothin' but a Good Time". It almost inspires me to buy a Poison itune. It would be a nice guilty pleasure to add to the collection. Bret also allowed people who had contained their passions all day to release them through lots of groping and kissing during "Every Rose Has a Thorn" by other concert goers.

I made it through the day because of the secret port-a-potties we found behind the food vendors. They were well hidden and were our groups little spot. I drank lots of water and applied lots of SPF 45. The only glitch in a perfect day in the park was the two trips I made to the First Aid tent for them to flush out my eye because I think I got some SPF 45 in it. I wasn't the only person in pain. Heidi (on the right) used the SPF 15 and burned like a son of a gun. I was proud of my pale skin at the end of the day. Three times the charm for applying SPF 45. I stayed away from alcohol since I felt that I would dehydrate just fine sitting in the sun all day. I didn't need the alcohol to help with that process. I stuck to the water.

Awesome fun.


Eyes said...

Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Great photo! I'm envious as I don't have any good girlfriends right now.

Anna said...

I think everyone from the Park went to Valleyfair on Sunday, I recognize some of the mullets, cut offs and mesh muscle shirts from the water park. Always gotta love the cut-offs in the water park!