Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Music and Scrabble...It Doesn't Get Better Than That

Absolutely, most certainly FANTASTIC!

I love it when something so entirely makes my day. Tonight while playing some Literati with my cute friend, Sara, I was searching for a public radio station that was playing one of my favorite programs World Cafe. I stumbled upon a great website. It lists all the programs that are being played on various public radio stations. This is great because my local station does not offer World Cafe, but it was a favorite when I lived in North Dakota. It is called So, I was able to listen to some quality music as I laid down some serious Scrabble tile!

I am encouraging others to get on the Scrabble bandwagon. I have Mathman to thank for introducing me to where you can have on-going Scrabble games through email. Currently, I have two games going. First, it is neck and neck with Amy, yet Mathman is ahead by many, many points. is not time consuming and very simple. If you are interested in getting a game going with me, send me an email and I will set it up.


Dree said...

Ohhhh.... Scrabble is one of my all-time favorite things. I have a computer version, but I have to play against the damn computer if I want an opponent. I might consider Scrabble through email.

Reddog said...

I just got on the bandwagon of scrabble. Although I have never won and am not very good, it is still very fun.

Kirsten said...

Sara, I have no comments on Scrabble because (gasp) I have never played it before. I just wanted to write a note to say that your blog is the first blog I have ever read and it is more entertaining than most of the channels on my TV (and I've even got cable). The strange thing is that just today (Pre-blog reading) I told the hubby that we should buy the kid version of Scrabble for Noah. Strange coincidence or decide.